Best TH8 Base Layout for Clan Wars

What is the best war base layout for Town Hall 8? Let's see!

By and large the overhaul went in decently easily. Couple run of the mill follow up breaks to investigate things. The greatest issue here is the loss of the TH outside choice. Goodness, there are still th outside. However, those are players who were taken unprepared by the overhaul. I got Greg up to speed on th outside no issue as DC was at war. Be that as it may, i was late getting to popular and lost around a million purple on that record. So will be the principal setback of this overhaul. Under the old framework I would effortlessly have made all the stop updates with no hole. Presently there will be a hole as I battle a war in Clash of Clans and attempt to find enough squeeze. Not having the capacity to hit uncovered th for 50-100k elix at a shot is going to hurt. I have to locate various unattended urban communities to produce helix quick without gemming barracks,and I am not certain where they will be. That in addition to tackling full drive th 10 atts without inferno's methods this might be the end of the line for my base regarding redesigns. Not certain that is the situation, but rather it is a genuine probability. At a minimun it will back things off.
Another positive is the decreased rearm cost on traps and x bows. Has an inclination that 10-20 for every penny of what it used to be. That was basic, however inadequate. Furthermore, that is my outline of this redesign. Things moved in the right bearing, yet not sufficiently far. The rearm expense ought to have been uprooted. Simply pop in and click rearm. Since this redesign strengths everybody th inside, the frameworks ought to all rearm for nothing. At that point its simply the unattended urban areas that are firing off duds. Furthermore, that is a sensible impetus to inspire individuals to pop in.
The huge issue is the group rewards are woefully low. At any rate for the urban communities at expert up. Those urban communities take assaults that require immense assets. 300-400k elix and a couple k of de. The reward ought to be 1.25 times the typical expense of the assault. on the off chance that 80% of the assailants get no less than 1 star then there you are. it is manageable. at this moment the exchange costs for assaulting are too high. Expert is an aggregate no man's land. Plunder reward is in the low hundreds. Assaults cost 300k or more. everybody who atts in expert at this moment is emptying assets out of the diversion, regardless of the possibility that they win and do turn out somewhat ahead.
I did have one Th8 War Base Layout before on me at low ace. Fellow missed, yet regardless of the fact that he hit there was insufficient there for him to make back the initial investment. However, his misfortunes in addition to mine were a net loss of both elix and de. what's more, would have been a misfortune regardless of the possibility that he got the plunder reward. Expert's is i think the spot to maintain a strategic distance from now. Champ or more are somewhat better, however they are still not taking care of the exchange expense of assaulting.
That implies that much like I was composing yesterday, the main reasonable cultivating is hitting unattended urban areas low. Here when you att them it arranges for space for the drills and mines that are as of now maxed away. you make space for more assets by assaulting there. However, the issue is supercell takes these urban communities out of the turn. furthermore, once enough individuals make sense of this, they will be scarcer even without supercell forgetting about them.
we did see a bit a methodology popping in as of now. TJ set up together a base with th scarcely inside attempting to bait lower players to ranch him. That worked and he got a light hit. In any case, matt lost 2560k gold to a curve troll att that cost 90k helix and did not give him a shield. those 20-25% atts are the main problem. this too was asset negative as it took 100k of elix out of the diversion as the exchange cost. the fellow got no reward and no elix. so tangle was out 250k gold. this gentleman was up 250k gold less his next duty yet surrendered 100k purple. net misfortune was 100k purple in addition to the following expense. Not useful for assets generally.
thus that is the huge concern i see throughout the following couple of weeks. Your can't generally secure your assets, and assaulting is by and large an asset channel on the diversion... so unless we can sprout more homesteads, things are going to get tight. That will constrain updates and conceivable rundown our capacity to battle wars if things get too tight.
most likely the greatest gameplay change in the 3 moment and 30 second att window. That is tremendous the same number of times at the 8 and 9 level a city guarded on time. With additional time and one more spell, we ought to see more 3 stars at the same th level. What's more, that will affect technique without a doubt. Be that as it may, we simply completed a DC war. What's more, Clash of Clans is beginning soon. So I ought to get once again into the amusement. Will attempt to get day by day overhaul going here for the following week or so as we perceive how this plays out. My reasoning is individuals need to search out new trophy levels at various th levels like in the past times, however I have no information on what level.
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